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After a long war against the Human Empire, the Androids are running out of ANIMA, the energy that gives them consciousness and life.
Using their lifeless corpses, the Humans are creating the Unsighteds: machines with no consciousness with the sole purpose to serve their will.

Run against a real time clock that influences the whole world and fight back before you and everyone else are turned into Unsighteds.


-Non-linear world, filled with secret routes and shortcuts.

-Deep combat system with variety to fit everyone's style.

-Unique NPCs with their own time limit and schedules.

-Moral choices that leads to completely different outcomes.

-Co-op gameplay

-Procedural world mixed with hand-crafted level pieces.

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@StudioPixelPunk - facebook.com/StudioPixelPunk


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Your game is beautiful! It's the one of the best cyberpunk things that i ever played. I hope that one day you will do some 2D future-stuff like oscura ( https://rawg.io/games/oscura-lost-light ) or something like that. Good luck to you.